Know your wine- a little guide to making French finest wines

For many years France was known as one of the world’s largest producer of wine. Traditionally in France viticulturist was a person who grows grapes, and after the harvest forwarded grapes to another manufacture who then processed the wine and sold it. Today thanks to the progress of the technology, every small vineyard can know produce his wine. Many of the grapes varieties are cultivated in France, some of them are internationally known, and some are locally known.  Some wines are associated with the certain region in France, like Cabernet Sauvignon which is produced in Bordeaux.  But there are some varieties which can be found in two, or three regions, like Sauvignon blanc.  A main division of wine is to red and white; white wine is more common than the red. Rosé is a type of wine which has a nice light pink color. It’s produced using the technique for the red wine making, but the taste is more similar to white wine.  Many of the French wines are produced using several grape varieties.

How to label wine

Information on wine labels depend on which region of France the wine was made in, and also the level of classification the wine carries. The least amount of information the label has is classification, the name of the producer and geographical region where the wine was made.  The more quality wines would include on their label the exact village or town, or even the specific vineyard where grapes where harvested.  Labels can also include the information where wines were bottled, which can also affect the quality of the wine.

Consumption of wine in France

Traditionally, France was the largest consumer of its wine. But, consumption of wine is dropping for more than 45 years. For that reason, French wine producers must rely on foreign markets.  The statistic shows that wine consumption in France from 2003 to 2015 was 54,8 liters of wine average by the person. But wine consumption decreased to 40. 7 liters per person by 2015. But wine remains favorite alcoholic beverage.