The food that goes best with your wine

With every sort of wine, you can choose food which emphasizes different aromas of the wine.  If you choose to have a glass of Pinot noir, it is best to pair it with ingredients like mushrooms, or truffles. Wines like this have savory depth and are light bodied. But if you go for a glass of Chardonnay, the wise decisions is to have fish, for instance like salmon or any seafood. Sparkling wines like Champagne have a light hint of sweetness, and for that reason goes best with salty food. Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect choice if you have meat for diner, like pork or lamb chops, seasoned with the wide range of freshly herb.  This wine can refresh your palate after each bite of meat.

Sauvignon Blanc- aromatic wine best served cold

This is white wine from the region of Bordeaux. It is aromatic and fresh wine, easily recognized by its harmonic taste. If your dinner consists of salads and dressing, or meals that include sauces, this is the wine for you. This kind of dishes won’t overwhelm vigorous wine like this. It is best to serve it cold.

Rosé- a pink wine for your cheeses

If your snack of choice is cheese, safe way to go is dry Rosé. It has acidity like white wines and the fruity aroma like red wines. Rosé is often used in Mediterranean kitchen.  It has a nice pink color, but it tastes like white wine. It’s more popular in the female circles.

Malbec- the key ingredient in meat dishes

Malbec is red wine, originated in France. At the beginning of 20th century, it was the most popular variety of grape.  It has a wide range of fruity flavors like cheery, blueberry, plum and blackberry. It can have other aromas of coffee, coconut, chocolate, etc. It has a darker color and often is mixed with other wines.  You can serve it with duck’s meat, chicken drumsticks, beef, and lamb.  It’s combined well with barbecue souses, blue cheese, and mushrooms.  The best temperature for serving Malbec is 21 Celsius.